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Manage integration observability

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

In order to gain valuable and reliable insights into the members' activity, different usage, and spend metrics, it is crucial for customers to maintain active and properly functioning integrations.

To facilitate a clearer understanding of integration status, we are introducing the Manage Integration Observability feature. This capability provides customers with real-time updates regarding the operational status of manage integrations, allowing for prompt identification and resolution of any issues that may arise. By leveraging this feature, customers can maintain a high level of confidence in the accuracy and completeness of their data analysis, thereby facilitating informed decision-making and ultimately driving business success.

Customers will now be able to view the errors in the following tabs of the workspace

  1. Service List: A red exclamation mark/yellow arrow will be displayed next to the Service name, and a tooltip will display the message when hovered over the icon.

  2. Service overview: Additionally, a red banner will be displayed at the top of the Service overview with a call-to-action button "Diagnose errors".

After clicking on the message, customers will be redirected to the Manage Integration menu where the data retrieved per integration is available:

  • User accounts

  • Usage

  • Spend

At the bottom of the page, you will find the identified errors under the tab 'Diagnose errors' plus the number of errors found. By hovering the mouse over an error log the button 'Diagnose' will appear which upon clicking will open a window with the error message and the action to resolve the error.

Please refer to LeanIX SMP user documentation to know more about manage integrations observability.

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