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Introduction of Productboard for the LeanIX Product Roadmap and Voting

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

In order to listen to our users more closely and drive the best possible decision-making on how to move our product forward, we are welcoming Productboard at LeanIX! First and foremost designed to increase transparency around feedback and product development within LeanIX and foster even better collaboration, we are also moving our Product Roadmap and relaunch our Voting within the Productboard Portal. Here you can leave your ideas, use cases and problems for us to solve, subscribe to roadmap items, provide us with some first-hand context for our features in progress, vote for your most important roadmap candidates, and engage with us around our Product!

Come visit, have a look around and leave us your feedback!

For more information and a live demo, please watch the LeanIX Product Roadmap webinar for Q3 2022.

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