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Insert Fact Sheets from Inventory to the Next-Generation Diagram Editor

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

As a next step in improving the Next-Generation Diagram Editor, users can include Fact Sheets from Inventory to the diagrams. After inserting a Fact Sheet, users can right-click on the Fact Sheet to navigate to the relevant Fact Sheet details page. In the view mode, a left-click suffices to navigate to the Fact Sheet details page. For example, this enables admins to use diagrams on a dashboard in order to have a simple means for users to navigate the workspace (e.g., a city map of your architecture).

Please note that an incremental release strategy is being followed for the Next-Generation Diagrams Editor, which means that features are being made available as soon as possible. Still, sometimes, a feature release might not deliver the whole workflow to users yet. We are aware that Fact Sheets in diagrams without relations are not providing the entire value, and we are working on delivering it in the next improvement.

For more details about this improvement, please refer to the 'Include Fact Sheets into your diagrams' section in the LeanIX user documentation and watch the demo video here.

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