LeanIX Product Team

Your input to help us build a better product

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

A quick, two-question poll when logging into LeanIX is live for the first set of workspaces now. The information on users' job titles and what they use LeanIX for will help you and us to tailor LeanIX to your users' needs.

We've updated our Data Privacy Statement accordingly, which is accessible from your workspace. Aggregated research results are available in your Customer360 overview, and it's on our roadmap to also make them available in the admin area's 'Users' section. 

For most workspaces, the poll will start in the next few weeks. We'll always announce the exact start date through a 'What's new' notification in the application. You can tell whether the research is live for your users by the existence of the 'User Segments' option in the admin area's 'General' section. You can deactivate the poll for a workspace from there if you need to.

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