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Delete fields, field values and reorder fields in the Meta Model configuration

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The Meta Model configuration has been enhanced. The first enhancement enables workspace admins to reorder values of single-select or multi-select fields inside the Meta Model configuration.

The second enhancement introduces deleting obsolete fields and selectable values for any field on Fact Sheets or relations via Meta Model configuration. Deletion is possible for single-select & multi-select field values, Fact Sheet fields, and fields on relations.

When workspace admins attempt to delete fields or field values in the configuration, a warning message will be shown before the changes can be applied to the workspace. Once the changes are applied, the respective fields or field values will be deleted. Meanwhile, the workspace will usually be in maintenance mode and all workspace users will have read-only access and will not be able to update any data. We recommend doing these kinds of changes outside business hours. The admin who deletes the field or field values in the configuration will receive an email confirming the successful completion of the changes in the workspace and the end of the maintenance mode.

Please look into the 'Meta Model Configuration' section in LeanIX user documentation or watch the demo video in the feature announcement to get more information.

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