LeanIX Product Team

Guided SaaS discovery integration setup with revised inbox and linking

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Do you have full transparency on all the SaaS used in your organization? SaaS Discovery, a standard feature in your workspace, helps you uncover and manage your SaaS portfolio in LeanIX.

From today, you will get additional guidance on setting up SSO and CASB system integrations for SaaS Discovery. You'll find a more straightforward setup process without signing a contract amendment and precise explanations of what each integration can do for you, with enhanced transparency into potential integration configuration issues.

The new concept of an inbox of discovered SaaS streamlines ingesting found SaaS apps to your inventory. You can now filter your discovered SaaS, compare updates of existing Fact Sheets side by side, and get details about which integration surfaced the specific SaaS usage. Searching for individual SaaS and linking them not only to Application Fact Sheets but also to IT Components is possible, too.

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