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Filter and Bulk Link Fact Sheets to Lifecycle Catalogs based on Recommendation

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

Reviewing Fact Sheets against their recommended Lifecycle Catalog and determining whether to link them or raise requests for missing data in the Catalog is a time-consuming process. To reduce this effort, a new intelligence that identifies Lifecycle Catalog recommendations for unlinked IT Components has been introduced.

These recommendations have a confidence rating based on their match against the Lifecycle Catalog. To improve the linking process, users can filter, e.g., for Fact Sheets that have a 'High Confidence' match to data in the Lifecycle Catalog, review the Fact Sheets, and bulk-link them to the recommendations.

In addition, the following minor improvements have been made to the batch linking page:

  • The 'Select all' checkbox is now visible only if a confidence filter is selected.

  • All filtered Fact Sheets can be unselected at once.

  • The Bulk Ignore option is now available when 'Select all filtered fact sheets' is opted for.

  • The total counts of very high and high-confidence Fact Sheets for the selected facet filters are available.

Please refer to the 'Lifecycle Catalog' section in the LeanIX user documentation for more details on this feature.

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