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Explore transformations across Projects

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

A central overview of all Transformations in workspaces with the BTM module is essential to manage the planned and ongoing initiatives and the affected projects well. For this purpose, the 'Transformation Explorer' has been introduced and can be accessed from the 'Reference Data' section in the Inventory's right-side panel.

A search on Transformations names and filters by execution status, Transformation type, completion date (point in time or time range), creator of the Transformation, and last updater of the Transformation is available. In addition, Transformations can also be sorted by the Project or Transformation Item Fact Sheet on which the Transformations are defined. Users can edit, execute and delete Transformation from this overview.

For more details about this functionality, please refer to the 'Transformation Explorer' section in the LeanIX user documentation.

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