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Early announcement: Strict filtering in Landscape and Matrix reports

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

Currently, filtering on relations or fields on relations for Fact Sheets is non-strict. Therefore, all other relations and fields are retrieved for the Fact Sheets matching the filter, not only the ones filtered by. This behavior applies to filters in the Inventory and on reports. For example, an Application Landscape filtered by the usage type 'Owner' on relation to the User Group shows all Applications that have at least one relation with the field 'Owner' on the relation, but these Applications also show up in those clusters, where the usage type is different. Only the Applications not having any relation with the field 'Owner' are hidden.

With the introduction of strict filtering for reports from January 3, 2023, only the exact filter matches will be displayed. It's on our roadmap to apply non-strict filtering to the Inventory, too.

Please look into the 'Consistent filtering' section in the LeanIX user documentation for more details about the functionality.

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