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Early announcement: observer role as new default for subscribers sourced from GitHub repository integration

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

From Monday, February 7th, onwards, we will change how LeanIX handles subscribers sourced from GitHub. From then on, the top three contributors over the last 30 days will be assigned the role "observer" instead of "responsible" per default. We have seen that contribution to GitHub repositories does not necessarily translate into Fact Sheet responsibility. Hence, by changing the default to "observer", the contributors are no longer informed about every change related to a particular Fact Sheet.

Of course, contributors who want to set their subscription role to "responsible" for any given Fact Sheet can do this manually whenever needed. The integration will then respect this change. Therewith the subscriber with the role "responsible" will persist even though she might no longer be one of the repository's top three contributors.

Please note that once we release this change next Monday, all existing subscribers coming from the GitHub integration are set to subscription role "observer".

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