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EAM weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented, and bugs fixed this week:


  • In the results list of the quick search in the main navigation bar, each row representing a Fact Sheet can now be opened in a new tab by clicking the respective icon. Right-clicking and selecting an option from the context menu, using the middle mouse button, and Command+click or Ctrl+click are supported, too.

  • Offering more context while creating relations, we are now displaying the current lifecycle phase icon for search results in the drop-down menu. This supports users in selecting the correct active Fact Sheet instead of one that is already at its end of life.

  • To further support advanced modeling use cases, we have extended the Meta Model configuration by allowing the creation of relations to the same Fact Sheet type, also known as self-referencing relations. Two subsections are shown on a Fact Sheet to represent both ends of such a relation. Only one end of the self-referencing relation is editable, while the other will automatically reflect changes.

    This unlocks relations to subtypes of the same Fact Sheet.

  • The translations of custom Lifecycle fields are shown correctly instead of always the default translation.


  • On Landscape reports, the clusters that don't represent Fact Sheets (e.g., tags, fields) don't show any icon in the top left corner of the cluster heading, and the color of the icons for Fact Sheets is now assigned per cluster for a well perceptible appearance on dark and light background colors.

  • The Interface Circle Map lets you choose the Fact Sheets labels you would like to see in the report settings (e.g., 'Display Name' or 'Full Name')


  • Translations of values in the response file for saved searches shared via OData (…/odata/BookmarkService.svc) have been updated. Previously, some translations of fields on relations contained only the value of the technical key and no proper translation. This has been fixed for a total of 27 of those fields. In case you prefer to receive the technical key values instead of translations, leverage the response of …/odata/BookmarkDataService.svc.

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