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EAM weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

We've identified an issue with the delivery of email notifications for our launch announcements and are working on a resolution. Anyhow, we'd like to keep you informed on the following feature improvements that have been implemented and bugs fixed this week:


  • For users without a profile picture, the user avatar shows the initials of the user name in various areas of the EAM product (e.g., Fact Sheet subscriptions and comments).

  • When adding a subscription on the Fact Sheet details page, the 'Add a Person' feature is now disabled if users don't have insufficient permissions to manage subscriptions. On the other hand, when users have permission to update subscriptions, all available roles are shown (e.g., 'Responsible', 'Accountable') and not just Observer.

Next-Generation Diagrams:

  • Extending the 'Roll-up' feature on diagrams that has been released last week, you can now filter on specific related Fact Sheets to be added as roll-up containers with 'Roll up by filter' in the context menu of shapes.

  • Version 3.1 of the ArchiMate shapes is part of Next-Generation Diagram Editor's shape library. Click 'More Shapes...' on the bottom left to add it to your list of preferred shapes.

  • The initial style of shapes, such as the shape and font color of ArchiMate shapes, is now kept when linking shapes to Fact Sheets and creating new ones from shapes.


  • The zoomed-in focused on a specific region on the World Map report remains in its position after changing the view between 'By Country' and 'By Location'.


  • With the synchronization runs of the ServiceNow integration, the relations between IT Components and Providers are now created correctly.

  • When using integrations to multiple SAP Signavio instances, the strict mode functionality is currently not available. If the strict flag was enabled in the configuration before, it's been automatically disabled to reflect the status of this situation correctly.

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