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EAM weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented, and bugs fixed this week:

Reference Catalogs:

  • When importing Business Capabilities from the Business Capability Catalog, they now all have a standard description explaining the capability's purpose. To add a description to an already imported Business Capability, you can re-import it from the catalog in the admin area. As long as the capability's name hasn't been changed, you can identify imported items through the 'already exists in workspace' column. Present descriptions will be overwritten.


  • The option to display left and right properties in the 'stacked' layout mode on Landscape has been disabled, as the compact mode is intended to provide an aggregated and not detailed view.

Next-Generation Diagrams:

  • As the opposite feature to the drill-down feature, the roll-up to related Fact Sheets is now available in the context menu of Fact Sheet shapes in Next-Generation Free Draw diagrams. It allows automatically adding those containers to the canvas the selected Fact Sheet belongs to along a chosen relation. The only condition is that the Fact Sheet isn't already part of a drill-down container.

    A 'roll-up by filter' to select specific Fact Sheets for the containers will be released separately within the next few weeks.

Business Transformation Management:

  • Dependency lines in Roadmap reports are visible when Fact Sheets don't have an end-of-life date set.

  • To make the scope of a custom transformation easier to understand, the impacted Fact Sheets are now displayed in groups and sorted alphabetically by name. Also, the scope of a transformation can be collapsed after expanding it.


  • POST /services/pathfinder/v1/bookmarks is now allowed to be called via the reporting framework API (executeParentOriginXHR()).

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