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EAM weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented, and bugs fixed this week:


  • The new Survey response form now supports the conditionality of questions and calculated fields.

Next-Generation Diagrams:

  • In Next-Generation Data Flow diagrams, all relations of a selected Fact Sheet are listed in the panel on the right side.

  • A bug concerning drilling down in Next-Generation Diagrams has been fixed. When the relation for an existing drill-down was changed, the new set of related Fact Sheets didn't replace the existing one but was added to the diagram. As a result, diagrams with drill-down containers created or updated from May 10 to May 16 may now contain Fact Sheets that do not correspond to the currently selected drill-down relation.
    These mismatched Fact Sheets are marked for removal in the 'Updates' list. Removing them to ensure consistency within the diagram is recommended but not mandatory.
    In contrast to the current Data Flow and Free Draw editors, the Next-Generation Diagrams only allow drilling down to a single relation but support inserting a Fact Sheet multiple times and selecting different drill-downs for each shape instead.

  • A bug has been fixed that led to labels of connector shapes not being visible when being added manually from the list of shapes and then being linked to a Fact Sheet.


  • Admins can allow the iframe of the 'External Content' dashboard panel to start a presentation session. The setting can be controlled with 'allow-presentation' in the admin area's 'General' section.


  • When creating a new processor configuration for the integration API, admins must choose from a list of which tools they are integrating with. This will help us to identify the most common tools to provide advanced support in the future.


  • Custom reports are now able to create To-Dos via the executeParentOriginXHR() method of the reporting framework.

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