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EAM weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented, and bugs fixed in the last week:


  • When deleting a field from a Fact Sheet in the Meta Model configuration, a warning indicates if the field is used by an out-of-the-box integration or catalog service (e.g., SaaS Catalog, Lifecycle Catalog) and would therefore result in limiting the use of LeanIX.


  • The precision of timestamps has been increased from milliseconds (6 bits) to nanoseconds level (9 bits). When calling the LeanIX APIs, scripts with libraries that can handle multiple precisions according to ISO 8601 are recommended.

Roadmap Reports:

  • On roadmaps reports with the BTM module, two new relations to model 'blocks' and 'blocked by' dependencies between projects are available in the Meta Model Configuration of Project Fact Sheets. To use them, please move them from the 'Unused Fields and Relations' sections into the 'Dependencies' section. This enables the modeling of project completion dependencies. The Project Roadmap visualizes these dependencies with a line between the projects. If the end of a blocking project occurs after the start date of the project it blocks, the line is colored red to indicate the conflicting timing issue.

  • A bug that resulted in the 'end of life' indicator not being shown on drilled-down Fact Sheets has been fixed, as well as one that caused roadmaps to open without showing the report content.

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