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EAM weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented, and bugs have been fixed in the last week:


  • When selecting a Fact Sheet type and a view, the Fact Sheet types that are not present in the diagram are filtered out to simplify the user experience in applying views. If a diagram does not have any Fact Sheet, the view, including the selection of Fact Sheet types, is not visible.

  • The legend in PNG export diagrams has been fixed to be displayed appropriately.


  • The Layout Mode picker in Landscape and Matrix Reports has been improved with more meaningful icons and space to align text and icons for all modes.

  • The Interface Circle Map Report has been enhanced with the timeline and the possibility to view the Interface clusters at one point in time. This feature enables users to save and show in a report bookmark what the future of Interfaces and their connections look like.

    In addition, for BTM workspaces, users can choose to apply the transformation from several projects, making it convenient to visualize the outcome of a planned initiative and communicate it to stakeholders.

  • The bug that caused an error when adding 'Activated by' rules on relations and new related Fact Sheets in the side panel has now been fixed.

Zendesk widget integration:

  • When creating a new ticket using the Zendesk web widget in EAM, fields such as name, email address, workspace name, and current URL are prefilled where the user is. These fields are automatically added to a ticket created by the user using the integrated Zendesk web widget.

  • If support for the Zendesk web widget is enabled, provided that the support button is bound to the default email address - [email protected], the support button opens the Zendesk web widget for users who have their application language set as English. This new functionality allows users to create Zendesk tickets using the widget without leaving the application.

BTM: The UI for choosing a date or milestone for lifecycle phases has been updated, making it easier to recognize the switch between the two options.

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