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EAM weekly feature improvement & bugfix summary

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The following feature improvements have been implemented, and bugs fixed in the last 2 weeks:

Dashboard: In the dashboard configuration, the option to include a 'Metrics—KPI Panel' is being removed. This step is being taken to reduce the available options to configure KPIs and confusion amongst users, especially the new users of LeanIX while planning new widgets for KPIs in the future.

Inventory: Fact Sheets can be alphabetically sorted by the field 'Quality Seal' in the Inventory table view and via Pathfinder API.

Reports: When navigating from the reports, it is now possible to open the Inventory data table in a new tab.

Diagrams: In Free Draw and Data Flow diagrams, a bug has been fixed, which previously caused an error while checking for updates in diagrams that contained archived Fact Sheets and have a relation-field view enabled.

Reference Catalog:

  • In order to improve the user experience in Reference Catalogs, the opt-in row for the SaaS catalog and Tech Category catalog are no longer visible if the catalogs are enabled in the workspace.

  • Access to Lifecycle Catalog and SaaS Catalog is available to user roles that have 'write' permissions to IT Components or Application Fact Sheets and ltlsStatus/lxCatalogStatus fields, respectively.

BTM In-app support: When upgrading to the new BTM, admins can remove the categories (Plan, Building Block, Project, and Epic) from Transformation Item Fact Sheets to simplify the usage of the Fact Sheet type. The option to configure this Fact Sheet type is available in Admininistration > 'Optional Features & Early Access' > 'BTM: Transformations & Milestones' > Configure.

BTM additional Transformation templates:

  • Decommission Application: Using this template, the Application's lifecycle is set to end-of-life whenever the milestone date is reached. If specified, a set of User Groups and Business Capabilities are removed from being related to that application.

  • Introduce New Interface: Using this template, a new Interface is introduced between two applications, and its lifecycle is set to "active" whenever the milestone date is reached.

  • Decommission Interface: Using this template, users can plan the decommissioning of an interface on the completion of a milestone or after a certain point in time. More specifically, the interface is removed from providing and consuming applications.

  • Change Interface Technology: Using this template, an Interface's technology can be changed or replaced once a milestone is completed or after a given point in time.

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