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Application Portfolio Management Value Stream Management: VSM

Discover Your Tech Stack With LeanIX VSM

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Do you know all the building blocks of your self-build applications? Automated discovery and comprehensive overview in the new Tech Stack Catalog added to LeanIX VSM help you know them. With the integration to EAM, you can explore and visualize them also in LeanIX EAM.

Analyzing your services' software libraries and code composition, the Tech Discovery uncovers the entire combination of programming languages and frameworks you use. It thus creates the foundation organizations need to make future-proof decisions about their tech stack.

The synchronization of discovered technologies to IT Components in LeanIX EAM allows for a fast holistic picture of tech stacks and to manage them across your product organization, for example, by depicting them in a Technology Radar.

Here are some questions you will be able to answer: Which Applications use Angular, and which use React? What frameworks are we using to do logging?

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