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Deprecation of REST API Endpoints in Favor of GraphQL

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The REST API 'factSheets' endpoints have recently been marked as deprecated in our API documentation to express our recommendation to utilize the GraphQL API endpoints providing superior capabilities. Please consider this when creating new API calls. As there are no plans to remove the endpoints from the API before Q4 2024, no immediate action is required.

The 'factSheets' endpoints are a legacy from before the GrapQL API was introduced and haven't received feature updates for several years. We will reassess the usage statistics regularly before deciding on the deactivation and reach out to all of you with sufficient time to plan and implement migrations of your API calls.

The reasons for the endpoints' deprecation are:

  • The REST endpoints are redundant and provide less functional value than the GraphQL ones.

  • With a focus on maintaining one endpoint category, we can ensure high-quality and in-time updates of the API aligned to feature releases.

  • GraphQL responses provide the exact information queried for, whereas the REST endpoint returns every data available, which requires further processing or filtering to find specific information.

  • Therefore, querying the GraphQL endpoint requires more knowledge of the workspace's Meta Model (or upfront queries) but provides easier-to-process responses and reduced data traffic because of the more specific queries. This comes with less memory and energy consumption.

These documentation pages help to get started with implementing the GraphQL API, and we will publish an additional documentation page with recommendations on how to map methods from the 'factSheets' endpoints to the GraphQL API soon.

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