LeanIX Product Team

Decommissioning the EAM mobile app

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Despite significant investment in rebuilding the mobile app, there has been minimal adoption amongst customers. The mobile app is not being used by more than five monthly active users, with most customers having one monthly active user with sporadic login over a long period. There are less than two hundred unique users in the mobile app compared to more than eighty thousand monthly active users for the LeanIX web application. In addition, getting customer feedback in the last twelve months was difficult, making it even more challenging to understand use cases and improvement areas in the mobile app. A recent reach out to customers confirmed our assessment that the mobile app is a nice-to-have feature alongside the web application.

For this purpose, a decision has been taken to re-focus more attention on the web application, make it more successful for you, and decommission the iOS and Android mobile app, effective June 30, 2023. We want to ensure that our investments create the most valuable outcome, and therefore, it is important to screen our application portfolio regularly. Additionally, a continued mobile app would bear the risk of dependencies that may slow down future improvements in the web application.

However, it is crucial to have accessibility to information about the IT landscape on the go quickly. The configurable portals already serve that purpose with significant adoption amongst LeanIX admins. Portals enable admins to make an extract of the architecture inventory available in a simplified, searchable view to a broad group of users. As a result of the decision above, the investment into portals will be increased towards the end of 2023, focusing on making the portal responsive for mobile devices. Since the LeanIX web application already works well on tablets and is responsive, it is not meaningful or technically feasible to make it mobile-phone-ready.

Analyzing Reports with hundreds of applications, creating diagrams, or maintaining data in Fact Sheets efficiently can be done more effectively on a desktop or tablet. In the spirit of striving for excellence at LeanIX, we aim to provide an outstanding experience for portals on mobile devices rather than a low user experience of the entire functionality. We want to thank all involved customers for their open feedback and trust in our product strategy and for helping us make this critical product decision.

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