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Workspace Best Practice Report in LeanIX Store

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The Workspace Best Practice Report enables users to evaluate their workspace quality. The report helps to improve the usability of LeanIX features such as tagging and Dashboard and simplifies the navigation within the tool. The report compares retrieved data within the workspace with LeanIX Best Practices and gives an indication as to where the data quality can be improved.

While working with the report, users can find different indicators in each line, clustered by Business Capability hierarchy, User Group hierarchy, Application completeness, UX settings, and Tagging:

  • The hierarchy sections in the report enable finding the right structure for setting up sophisticated and easy-to-understand Matrix and Landscape Reports.

  • The Application Completeness Section assesses how well the Application Fact Sheet is maintained and integrated into the Meta-Model.

  • The UX Settings and Tagging sections help visualize how well the workspace data is arranged and how easy it is to navigate through LeanIX.

Columns are structured in the following way:

  • Column Status: Turns either green, yellow or red, depending on how well the workspace matches the respective Best Practice.

  • Column Topic: Outlines the Best Practice for data quality.

  • Column Value: Comprises the value in the workspace regarding the line topic.

  • Column Best Practice: Contains the Best Practice for the related topic.

For more details on the report, please refer to the 'Workspace Best Practice Report' in LeanIX Store.

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