LeanIX Product Team

Connect multiple SAP Signavio instances

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The integration to SAP Signavio now supports connecting multiple instances to one LeanIX workspace. For now, the configuration of such a setting is not yet supported in the admin area. Please submit a configuration request at to get multiple SAP Signavio instances connected by the LeanIX support team.

Besides delivering on the roadmap item above, there is also a set of user interface improvements and bug fixes related to the SAP Signavio Integration settings in the admin area that have been released:

  • In the section to configure the 'SAP Signavio Process' mapping, the 'Fact Sheet Type' drop-down menu now contains the correct Fact Sheet types.

  • When editing the mapping of SAP Signavio process directories, a field to search for the LeanIX parent Fact Sheet in the Inventory instead of filling in the respective Fact Sheet ID manually.

  • To provide a complete overview of all mappings, the list of 'Glossary Category Mappings' in the 'Basic' tab of the integration settings also shows 'Advanced' inbound mapping items. A read-only text area provides a preview of the configured mapping code for those items.

  • For the 'Glossary Category Name', a drop-down menu now provides entries retrieved from SAP Signavio to choose from instead of manually filling in an ID into a text field.

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