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Configurable KPIs on dashboards

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Admins of APM workspaces can now configure their own key performance indicators (KPI) based on workspace data and display them on dashboards. To do so, admins need to navigate to the 'KPIs' section in the admin area. Next to a comprehensive list of default KPIs, admins can add their custom KPIs. On the new 'Metrics - KPI Panel' for dashboards, users are then able to add one of the KPIs as the primary KPI displayed at the top, plus multiple additional KPIs to be shown below.

The KPIs are calculated daily, which means a history including trends is available for users, right from when the KPIs have been created. Admins can choose to use the simple aggregation of counts on an Inventory filter (e.g., number of applications with broken quality seal) or use an advanced mode to specify more intricate KPIs using a JSON configuration (e.g., the average count of Data Objects per Application).

  • Users can create and validate KPIs in Administration >> Advanced settings >> KPIs

  • Upon changes in the Inventory, it can take up to twenty-four hours to recalculate the KPIs

  • Users can display both out-of-the-box KPIs and custom KPIs within the panels on the dashboard

  • Users can avail of advanced configuration only through JSON.

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