LeanIX Product Team

Collibra integration

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Collibra is a leading data intelligence company. Combining Collibra and LeanIX with the newly launched out-of-the-box integration enhances data governance within organizations by ensuring that Enterprise Architecture is aligned with Data Architecture. It establishes transparency where the data is mastered and how it flows through the IT landscape while eliminating data silos and improving metadata quality.

The Collibra EDC (Enterprise Data Catalog) application gives a comprehensive overview of the organization's metadata and all data assets, making it convenient for users to find, describe, govern, and manage data.

Admins can synchronize names, data hierarchies, categories, descriptions, and relations between Business Assets from Collibra into Data Objects in LeanIX EAM.

The integration can be activated from the 'Integrations' section in the admin area.

For more details on configuring the integration in the EAM workspace, please refer to the 'Collibra Integration' section in the LeanIX user documentation.

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