LeanIX Product Team

Automation conditions on single-select fields

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

Single-select fields, the most used field on Fact Sheets, are now also available for conditions to select and combine specific field values to be present for triggering Automations.

With the new condition, the Automation’s scope can be further targeted to relevant groups of Facts Sheets distinguished by single-select fields (e.g., narrowing the scope when a Quality Seal breaks down to business-critical Applications only).

Combining triggers, conditions, and actions for single-select fields helps realize use cases that have required Azure functions before (e.g., adding an ‘eliminate’ tag for TIME assessment when the Functional Fit of an Application is changed to ‘unreasonable’ while the Technical Fit is still ‘inappropriate’.

In case of multiple selections for single-select values, the Automation will be executed if any selected value is present (OR connected). Multiple single-select conditions are associated by AND, like any other condition except tags and Fact Sheet categories.

For more guidance on Automations, please refer to the 'Automations - Best Practices section in the LeanIX user documentation.

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