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April outlook into features in progress

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

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Here's the outlook for April 2024:

Execute application approvals with to-dos

A new action, 'Create To-Do: Approval', will extend the Automations next week with a dedicated process for fact sheet approvals. This allows you to track governance workflows in LeanIX closely.

Instead of just marking an action item as complete, assigned users can now actively 'Approve' or 'Reject' a to-do to provide more details on the process. Optional comments on their tasks offer opportunities for useful context and explanations of their decisions.


Build a story about your architecture with presentations

Sharing a combination of reports and diagrams that visualize a specific aspect of your IT landscape from various angles together in one presentation helps gain and maintain stakeholder involvement. Until now, this required exporting the visualizations as images into slides or other applications.

With the Presentations feature coming up at the end of April, you can combine reports and diagrams of any type in a presentation and specify their order for easily accessible insights and data analysis, enhancing the enterprise architecture experience. You can annotate each slide before or during the presentation, switch to a full-screen view, and share it directly in LeanIX to increase executive adoption.

Configurable shape libraries for diagrams

Diagrams are essential to manage and communicate the transformation of your organization's architecture. Although LeanIX supports many shape libraries, our default shape style is used when adding fact sheets from the inventory to the canvas.

Recognizing the benefits of adhering to your established industry or organization's diagramming standards, we aim to streamline your visual modeling in May by letting you define templates for mapping fact sheet types and subtypes to your preferred choice of shapes, color, et cetera. Admins will be able to manage different shape libraries on the workspace level, and users can select and adapt shape templates for the individual diagram.

Collibra integration: Extend business perspective & lineage

For the next iteration of the integration to Collibra in April, we're working to improve the business perspective and lineage support of your data governance practice by mapping your business capabilities and interfaces from LeanIX to configurable asset types in Collibra.

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