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SaaS Management Platform: SMP

Announcement: Renaming of tabs & attributes in the SMP workspace

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

We will be renaming a few tabs and data attributes within the SMP workspace. The changes will be rolled out to all customers on Wednesday i.e. 25th May 2022. Below is the summary of all changes:

Renaming of Workspace Tabs:

On the dashboard overview, the 'Discover' and 'Memberships' tabs will be renamed to ‘Services’ and ‘Organization


Renaming of service level tabs:

On the service level, the tabs 'Members' and 'Invoice' will be renamed to ‘User Accounts’ and ‘Spend’. Under the User Accounts tab, the 'Name' attribute will be renamed to ‘Person’ and a new attribute – ‘User Account’ will be added to the table.

In addition to this, we now show users’ who have access to multiple Service accounts. This information can also be viewed under the organization represented in the people tab for each person.


The Organization tab will have two new tabs:

  • People

  • Departments

1. The People tab will have new columns that give information on:

  • Person: Name of the user

  • Email

  • Number of services: Active services per user

  • Department

  • Type: type of person (e.g., Employee, Partner, Contractor, etc.)

  • Status: Status of the user (Current/Former)

2. The Departments tab will have new columns that give a detailed overview on:

  • People: No. of users in each department

  • Services: Total services owned by each department

  • Anticipated $/mo: Anticipated monthly spend per department

  • Anticipated $/Y: Anticipated yearly spend per department

  • M/M: Month-on-month change in the spend

  • Y/Y: Year-on-year change in the spend

  • $YTD: Year-to-date spend per department

Old View 'Membership' tab:


New View 'Organization' tab:



As an official announcement, we will push an in-app notification to the workspace when the changes have been implemented and made live.

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