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All-new configuration of the ServiceNow integration

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

Increasing the robustness when configuring the ServiceNow integration, the configuration's user interface has received an overhaul, additional configuration validations, and the ability to cancel sync runs.

  • Ability to cancel synchronization runs: It is now possible to stop a run in the middle of a sync for any reason - incorrect mapping, changed filters, performance changes, etc. During an ongoing sync run, it can be canceled with the 'Abort' button in the 'Actions' column on the far right of the 'Sync Logging'. This potentially saves waiting time while initially configuring the integration for the first time, where many changes are still required.

  • Overhauled UI: The new UI features instant visibility of filters included from a separate tab, now feeding into an easy-to-understand overview of all mappings and filters simultaneously.

  • Smart selection of ServiceNow tables: The new configuration UI queries ServiceNow and provides admins with a list of tables to search and select from with their official name as a reference. For example, you can now look up 'Business Application' in the drop-down, and the integration will display the corresponding ServiceNow table to choose from. This allows for easy setup, not requiring remembering all the exact table names.

  • Improved field mapping: The configuration now shows value mappings and their count immediately. In addition, It is now possible to continue mapping in the UI section despite having configurations such as dot-walking set in the 'Advanced' tab.

  • Improved validation: The integration's configuration smartly recognizes expected user behavior and mistakes and has safeguards against them that prevent the admin from saving and running an incorrectly configured integration, which could cause unintended problems and changes.

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