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AI Assistant moved into the inventory

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The LeanIX AI Assistant (in beta) helps automate tedious documentation tasks, accelerate data usage, and speed up research. For easier access and the familiar context of use, the AI Assistant has moved from the right-side panel into the inventory and is now available via a button on top of the inventory list.

We've also applied the first improvements based on your valued feedback during the beta phase so far:

  • Responses created by the AI Assistant can be edited manually before saving them to the Fact Sheet.

  • To support custom requests, any available field rendered as textarea on the Fact Sheet can be chosen to save the AI Assistant's response.

Stay tuned for further updates expanding the LeanIX AI capabilities, and keep sending us your feedback and input on further use cases you would like us to unlock with AI.

If you haven't opted into the AI Assistant beta, you can do so by leaving a note on the roadmap item about how important this feature is to you.

To learn more about the LeanIX AI Assistant and get answers to frequently asked questions, visit our user documentation page.

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