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Accessibility updates

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

After a focused campaign in fall 2023 and continuous improvements in the meantime, a recent concerted effort brought us another big step closer to reaching our goal of compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines.
We've taken the following actions to implement or improve the accessibility, mostly through keyboard navigation, in various product domains:

  • General navigation:

    • Included skip links let users quickly jump from the main navigation bar to the content of any page without first navigating step-by-step through the navigation bar. Also, multiple redundancies in navigating invisible UI elements have been removed.

  • Dashboards:

    • Layout controls can be accessed, and panels can be placed and resized via keyboard actions instead of drag-and-drop and cursor actions.

  • Inventory:

    • The tags on the fact sheet details page are operable by keystrokes.

    • In the table view, headers can be accessed, and the sorting of columns changes via keyboard actions.

    • The color of the text on tags is adjusted automatically based on the contrast to the background, which increases its readability.

  • Reports:

    • The arrow icon to return from a report to the overview page can be reached via the keyboard.

    • The timeline on reports can be resized up to 200 percent and more without any loss of content or functionality.

    • Entries in circle maps can be focused and receive a highlight as an alternative to the mouse-over hover effect.

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