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Bugfixes: Plenty of issues fixed during bug scrubbing initiative

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

The bugs listed below have been resolved as part of our bug scrubbing initiative last week.

  • Inventory:

    • The tab for defining the Fact Sheet type default filters in the self-service configuration shows comprehensible labels of relations instead of technical names.

    • Applying advanced filters on the "Requires" or "Required by" relation in the Inventory or reports is no longer causing errors. The Fact Sheets' side pane is no longer limited to only display personalized diagrams. It now shows all diagrams containing the Fact Sheet.

    • The Excel download of survey results is now working correctly again

    • Adding a new project status entry or editing an existing status entry date no longer results in an error.

    • When creating an IT Component Fact Sheet on the fly on an Application Fact Sheet, the category was initially shown as "n/a". It's now immediately displayed in the corresponding category without the need to refresh the page.

    • When inviting a new user fails, the "Invite" button no longer shows a loading spinner.

  • Surveys: The text of custom e-mail notifications for survey runs is preserved when admins change the survey settings, and the export of surveys now supports special characters correctly. For admins, the status of the survey results per recipient is now visible again. And for users, it's possible to enter dates manually after selecting a date from the date picker before. Also, the language of the survey in the "Status & results" tab reflects the actual language selection of the survey run. The buttons from the form are localized based on the chosen language.

  • Reports: Percentage values of Fact Sheet fields are displayed correctly in the report side pane. The PDF/PNG exports of portfolio reports are no longer distorted, and PDF exports of reports now show all applied filters correctly due to line-wrapping.

  • Dashboard: Panels to embed and display external content on dashboards support links with additional colon signs in the URL.

  • Business Transformation Management: The size of the plan selection drop-down in all reports fits the length of the plans' names. Also, The timing is now set correctly after dragging transformation items directly on the timeline of transformation roadmap reports.

  • Administration: In the resulting Excel spreadsheet of a full snapshot export, the comments and documents tab now also contains the Fact Sheet type. This helps to distinguish between different Fact Sheets with the same name but varied types. Also, the type of aggregated fields is now described correctly in exports.

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