SAP LeanIX Product Team
Application Portfolio Management Architecture and Road Map Planning

Bugfixes: Multiple inventory, report, and visualization issues fixed

AUTHOR: SAP LeanIX Product Team

Inventory: Content of the relation explorer on the Fact Sheet details page doesn't disappear anymore when resizing the browser window. Also, when navigating from the Inventory to a report using “Show in Report” in the right sidebar, the browser tab now shows the correct page title.

Reports: When saving a report after selecting "Today" on the timeline and loading the saved report later, the report is shown with the current "Today" date and not the date when it was saved. Using a "not" filter on reports and then "Show in Inventory" works correctly again. In addition, when using "Show in Inventory" results in a conflict between multiple facet filters, the primary Fact Sheet type's filter is prioritiZed. In cases of conflict, an info message informs users about the situation.

Surveys: It's not possible to add the same Fact Sheet element multiple times to a survey. This was possible before due to a bug in the user interface.

Business Transformation Management: If an impact sets the validity of a relation (e.g., "Active From" or "Active Until") that has not been created before, the referenced relation is created automatically.

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