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Next-generation roadmap reports 

AUTHOR: LeanIX Product Team

The upgraded version of roadmap reports is rolling out incrementally to all workspaces within the following days. It improves how architecture changes are visualized over time, as shown in the report's preview several weeks before. Multiple features known from other reports are now provided on roadmaps as well, this includes:

  • Color-coded views on fields, fields on relations and related Fact Sheets, as well as tags

  • Clustering by relations to Fact Sheets, fields, and tags

  • Drill-down to all related Fact Sheet types

  • Interactive editing of displayed Fact Sheet attributes in the report's side pane (editing of Fact Sheet fields selected in views will be released next week and the change of attributes requires a reload of the report to get visually applied)

All existing roadmap reports are migrated to the new version. For workspaces with the BTM module, the transformation roadmap also shows drill-downs to a selected plan's impacts.

Creating more roadmap reports showing the evolution of any chosen Fact Sheet type (e.g., Interface or Project) will be released soon.

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