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Lifecycle Catalog Batch Linking

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To ease and accelerate the linking of IT-Components with our lifecycle reference catalog, a new screen that can be accessed directly from the inventory on the right-hand side pane will be rolled out soon. The screen will provide an overview of all IT Components in a workspace and take the inventory's filters into account, plus their linking status to the reference catalog.

Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 11.45.51 AM.png

Additional tabs will provide further functionality. For example, the 'Recommendation' tab will provide intelligent guidance for best matching references for unlinked IT Component Fact Sheets. A 'Missing Request Raised' tab will show the status of raised requests about missing data. The 'Ignored Fact Sheets' and 'Linked Fact Sheets' tabs will display all ignored and linked Fact Sheets, respectively. This feature set will collectively make it faster to perform actions in the Lifecycle Catalog (e.g., linking Fact sheets, raising missing requests, marking Fact Sheets as ignored, etc.) without opening each corresponding IT Component Fact Sheets.


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