In Progress
Q1 2022
EA Management: BTM

BTM: Management of milestones on Projects (and Transformation Items)

STAGE: In Progress

Create visual reference points to break a project down into manageable chunks and easily track major events and pending decisions. Milestones signal to everyone involved what the overall ‘lifecycle’ of a project looks like and what needs to be achieved along the way.

  • Milestones can be created, edited, deleted and referenced in other dates fields (lifecycle and completion date of a transformation) of any Project or Transformation Item Fact Sheet type
  • Milestones will be available along the parent child hierarchy so child Fact Sheets can refer to milestones of parent Fact Sheets
  • They are visible in reports containing a timeline as well as in the side pane of the roadmap report
  • Same degree of usability as any other field on the Fact Sheet:
    • can be cloned
    • can be viewed in table view (if referenced to a phase on the lifecycle)
    • can be included in surveys
    • can create an audit log


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